Mother, father and child ducked underneath oncoming train in ‘miraculous escape’

A family of three who fell on a London Underground track narrowly avoided death by ducking below an oncoming train, according to reports.

The incident occurred at Baker Street Tube station, in northwest London, at 10:15pm on Friday night.

The woman is understood to have been pushing the child’s buggy along the platform while looking up at the overhead timetable. Police said the woman “did not realise how near she was to the edge of the platform and accidentally pushed the buggy wheels over it”, says the ITV News website.

Her husband then jumped down on to the tracks to help, before all three ducked into a pit below the approaching train, in what The Times describes as a “miraculous escape”.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman said that the driver had been alerted by passengers on the platform, and the track’s electric current switched off so that the family could climb to safety without being electrocuted.

British Transport Police said: “Amazingly, none of them were seriously hurt, but as a precaution they were taken to hospital for check-ups.”

Nigel Holness, director of network operations at Transport for London, added: “Having reviewed footage from our platform cameras and spoken to those involved, we understand this incident was an accident, but it does underline the need for all customers to remain behind the yellow line when waiting for trains or walking along the platform.”