MELANIA TRUMP has taken to Twitter amid news surrounding the Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump allegations. Informal adviser to the White House Rudy Giuliani, 73, has made new claims in the Presidents ongoing drama with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Melania Trump, 48, who recently celebrated her birthday, posted a message to Twitter in the midst of an unfurling scandal.

The First Lady used her social media account to praise teachers.

This is despite news that Donald Trump’s informal adviser Rudy Giuliani has claim the President personal reimbursed his lawyer for paying for a porn actress to remain silent about an alleged affair.

Stormy Daniels, 39, claims she slept with the President in 2006 while he was married to his current wife – who he wed in 2005.

Now Giuliani claims the president repaid $130,000 (£95,650) that his lawyer gave to Daniels before the 2016 election.

However, Donald Trump, 71, has denied any affair and claimed he did not know of the payment made to Daniels.

The former mayor of New York City, said on Fox News: “That money was not campaign money.

“Sorry, I’m giving you a fact now that you don’t know. It’s not campaign money. No campaign finance violation.

“They funnelled it through a law firm and the president repaid it.”

As this new rolled on Melania took to Twitter to say: “Everyone can agree on the importance of teachers & their instrumental role in the development of our children.

I want to thank teachers everywhere for all they do & the lasting impact you have on kids. Congratulations to this year’s #TeacheroftheYear.”

Fans poured in to praise the First Lady who has a son, Barron, 11, with the US leader.

One wrote: “Thank you Melania. You are the best. I understand that it may be difficult for you but hang in there, history will treat you very well.”

Another said: “You are fulfilling a very challenging role very well. I give you a lot of credit.”

“Thank you for your gracious support of teachers. Let’s hope and pray that some who control teacher budgets follow your lead!” another Twitter user added.

According to an insider close to Donald Trump and Melania the couple rarely argue.

“Melania and Donald really don’t fight — at least, not like other married couple,” said an insider source said to be close to Donald.

“She rarely raises her voice or expresses anger, and certainly not to her husband.

“If Melania is angry or upset about something she tends to internalise it, and she will just be icy silent towards whoever she’s at odds with,” the source told US publication

The source also revealed Melania’s response to Donald’s tweets which – apparently unlike Melania’s silence – are known to be aggressive and confrontational.