MARTIN LEWIS, 45, is the Money Saving Expert who gives his advice to Britons. In his weekly deals he has revealed the best bank account to switch to now is an HSBC account.

Martin Lewis told This Morning viewers today how Britons can get a free £200 for switching banks.

The financial expert sources the best deals for Britons, including banks that pay you to switch.

He told viewers of the ITV programme today that the best switching deal currently is HSBC’s Advance Account.

Martin said: “Free cash for switching bank accounts has mostly disappeared in the last few months, but the biggie from HSBC’s Advance Account is back, paying new customers up to £200, which is £150 upfront plus another £50 if you stay with it a year.

“To qualify you need to use the switching service to move to it (with a minimum of two direct debits) and pay in more than £1,750 a month.”

Martin added: “Effectively a way of saying pay your salary in if you earn over £26,000. It also requires you to register for online/mobile banking.”

However, if this amount is two high there is still a way you can cash in on the deal.

Martin said: “If the monthly pay in is too high, you can gemmy it by simply withdrawing cash (or moving it to another account) then paying it back e.g. if you get £1,000 a month, just withdraw £750 each month and pay it straight back in (if you’re organised you can do it via standing orders).”

Martin also recommended First Direct for those looking for a new deal.

He said: “Alternatively First Direct, which has won every customer service poll I’ve done, and gives free gadgets such as £170 Bose headphones, or £150 Expedia voucher.

“Or switch to M&S Bank you can get a £125 gift card, plus on going £5 a month gift card for year.

“With both there’s minimum criteria you need to meet, so read the details online before you apply.”

So how do you switch accounts?
Martin said: “In practice switching accounts is easy.

“Within seven days your old account is closed, any direct debits and standing orders are moved across and any payments going to your old account is auto-forwarded to your new one.

“Though note, when opening a bank account you will be credit scored.”

Check MSE’s Best Bank Accounts guide for full help.

Martin Lewis passport changes news caused shock yesterday.

The financial journalist revealed he has been contacted by people who have noticed changes when renewing their passport.

He told Susanna Reid: “When they renewed their passports they expected to have up to nine months of their old passport transferred.”

However, this was not the case, causing travel problems for some.