EBAY is a great place to find rare coins, but knowing which coins are really the most rare is key to collection. The rarest £1, £2, 50p, 20p and 10p coins revealed.

Rare coins are a great way to make a large sum of money if you come across the right one.

Coin fanatics are always keen to complete their collections, a coins can sell for thousands of pounds on sites such as eBay.

However, making sure you have the right coin will save you from wasting your hard earned cash on a coin that is worth very little.

But which are the rarest coins in each denomination?

These are the rarest £1, £2, 50p, 20p and 10p coins.

Rarest £2 coins

2002 Commonwealth Games NI – 485,500 in circulation

2002 Commonwealth Games Wales – 588,500 in circulation

2015 Navy – 650,00 in circulation

Rarest £1 coins

2011 Edinburgh – 935,000 in circulation

2011 Cardiff – 1,615,000 in circulation

2010 London – 2,635,000 in circulation

Rarest 50p coin

2009 Kew Gardens – 210,000 in circulation

2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck – 2,100,000 in circulation

2003 Suffragettes – 3,124,030 in circulation

Rarest Olympic 50p coin

Football – 1,125,500 in circulation

Wrestling – 1,129,500 in circulation

Judo – 1, 163,500 in circulation

It is not so easy to evaluate the rarest 20p coins, 10p coins and even 2p coins as exact circulation figures are not known.

However, various versions of the coins are known to sell for large sums.

These include the dateless 20ps, which are actually part of a run from 2008. There may be between 50,000 and 200,000 of these coins in circulation.

The 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p coin can also sell for a huge sum, up to £650.

New 10p coins in circulation are part of a 26 coin collection, each of which represents a letter of the alphabet.

Uncirculated versions of the coin are already selling online for £8.95. Many have been sold in the past day alone, and the whole collection is available for £120.

Change Checker expect the coins to be very valuable, but their exact circulation figures are not known.

A rare £1 coin has sold on eBay for £120.

Seller Dan Rahman, known as “d_b90210” on the site, said: “This listing is for an Isle of Man £1 coin dated 1996 featuring Douglas.

The coin is uncirculated but does have some surface markings as pictured so please check them. This coin is also the hardest to find from the set.”