With the financial markets being very volatile over the past years, SWT has managed to take advantage of the turbulence to raise revenues. This has allowed them to build an extremely strong foundation within the stocks markets.

Many are wondering why? Well, this is largely, thanks to the help of automated trading systems. Automated trading system has allowed users to help make easier traders at the optimum peaks of rapidly oscillating asset pieces. A spokesperson from SWT had this to say, ‘Here at SWT the greatest profits we have seen is been due to the high volatility within the current markets’.

SWT has expanded their sophisticated trading platform through the use of the automated trading systems, allowing clients to acquire maximum gains (from both the peaks and dips within the markets. Following a slow start to the financial year, extensive growth has worked in favour for SWT. They have managed to utilise the turbulent nature of asset classes for both themselves and their clients.

Senior Account Analyst, Richard White said during an interview, “The high level of instability within the markets has actually proven to be working in favour for us. This is the type of environment we can really thrive in. Our strategy is to really widen the scope of automated trading systems and to help us capitalise on the advantages that we, and our clients, will have over traditional traders.”

Furthermore, with a rapidly increasing client base/figures and revenue, SWT is set to focus on not just expanding their impressive firm and stellar market strategy, but also refining the automated trading system set in place. Constant improvements and hard work is evident at SWT and the results speak for itself.

In addition to interview with Senior Account Analyst, Richard White, he has also stated, “With the introduction of artificial intelligence, our algorithms, can to only exceed past performance but can actually mitigate risk for both company and clients. Allocations rates are already increasing exponentially and were really excited to see where all this leads us too.”

SWT are currently offering investors a savings which with a fixed term savings account of 6% per annum. The offer in place, tackles the issue of high street banks holding back profits from millions of retailer clients. Also, for those with a diverse risk appetite, SWT have a low-medium risk investment portfolio that strategically buys and sells different asset classes using the algorithm in place.

So all in all, after reviewing, SWT, they seem to be current trendsetters with the future of digital trading.

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